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    April 26, 2020 · motivational,self esteem,daily journal,journaling,how to journal · 3
    I have always loved writing, especially as a way to process the depth of my emotions through difficult times. I still have my first journal, which I got in the third grade. It was included in a gift bag at a birthday party I attended. The notebook was tiny, maybe only three inches wide by four...
    August 5, 2020 · qanon,self defense,second ammendment,megan knepp,sex trafficking
    Michaela: Megan. It is so awesome to have you on the podcast after our big snafu earlier this week. I'm so excited to have you. Well, it's good to be here. I'm excited to be here. And just for full disclosure for the audience, we had a great half hour conversation that didn't record earlier this...
    July 27, 2020 · kayleigh clark,floor is lava,skincare,toxin free,acne
    Oh, Kayleigh It's so awesome to have you on the be you find happy podcast today. How are you? Thank you so much for having me on having an amazing Monday so far and coming off the heels of a super fun holiday weekend, perhaps. Yeah, it was, um, I completely got up the grid this past weekend. No...
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