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Seriously Solely

And only ain't lonely

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If you've heard my podcast you know I'm big on clean eating. There's nothing worse than feeling hungry and not having good, healthy and DELICIOUS snack options. Solely saved the day and my hunger while I was in all day counseling sessions this week. What I love the most is these products are whole fruit and no other ingredients, in some cases they use a whole apple to make the snack. Plus they are incredibly creative, hello pecan banana?!

Moms - if you're house is anything like ours the mad rush out the door to after school activities and sports can get hectic and I'm always looking for something that's healthy and quick for my son to grab. Unfortunately he's a bit of a foodie and won't settle for a bag of Gold Fish. Nope. He enjoys quality made foods. I finally found it in Solely - it's something we can both agree on!

Give @solelyfruit to learn more about this innovative product! #solelyfruitjerky #goodcleanfood

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