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If you heard my podcast episode with Staci Chillemi, a Dr Oz guest contributor and complete health coach then you know I'm big on my vitamins in a small way. I've learned over the past two years (6 months of which was spent on an intense detox) that sometimes LESS is MORE when it comes to vitamins and supplements.

What I mean by that is, a lot of the vitamins stuffed into multi-vites we get from our food naturally and overwhelm our body, the same is true of fillers they use to create these products. I've found a regime that works well for me and keep me healthy (and knock on wood, no ickies this winter).

But let's chat gut health for a minute. Such a poohtiful topic.

A few years back I learned about my GUT HEALTH through a company called Biohm health that offers gut testing. Yep, you heard right. I pooped in a cup and sent it to them and they analyzed my microbiome.

What I learned is that mine was severely lacking in important areas...all of which was contributing to my physical and mental health...By improving my gut health I would be able to quit taking antacids for heartburn, have more frequent bowel movements (let's be real ladies, who doesn't like a fresh start to your day?) and improve my general well being.

After my detox completed I wanted a probiotic that could maintain the gut health restore I'd seen through my detox program. AND VIOLA. Jetson Probiotics. This particular probiotic comes in pill form (which made it easy for me, I could take it with my other supplements and not have to prepare a shake). It's clean, and vegetarian, not filled with crap. The bottle promotes "reduces summer bloating and supports normal fat metabolism - YES.

And did I mention that it contains 12.5 B CFU of an incredible blend of probi's?

If you haven't added a probiotic to your daily, get on it. Jetson takes the hard part of remembering to order out by offering a delivery service as well!