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Good enough for royalty

Here's the top industries in Vancouver

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With the former Duke and Duchess of Sussex (out of admiration we'll still call them SussexRoyals) settling in Canada, there's no doubt that people will begin eyeing real estate, especially in Vancouver, which is at the top of their list.

I talked a little about this on the Be You Find Happy podcast this week (Episode 47 why change is sometimes a ROYAL pain the arse) My first trip to Canada was as a young child to see the Royal Gardens in British Columbia...and yet again on a road trip in college...but being too young and wild to remember my first "real" trips, I consider my first official trip to Canada, was to Vancouver was in my twenties, when I got invited to ride on a sailboat with a team that was training for one of the many sailboat racing events the city is host to. Pre- the 2010 Olympics... it was amazing to see the city preparing. It was also my first experience with the French Press, suffice to say, I was in love.

The Canadian's have gotten so many things right, and it's fair to even consider the fact that many of my favorite movies and series are filmed've got it, Canada...such as Airwolf (yep, I'm throwing it back, I had a huge crush on that pilot), Pirates of the Caribbean, Good Will Hunting, The 100, Twilight, Schitt's Creek and of course...Suits.

Vancouver is a large city located in the Western portion of Canada. Like any city, Vancouver has a strong economy with many jobs in order to support its large population. Vancouver’s economy has several key industries that provide residents with jobs and income. These industries are the pillars of the city’s economy, combining to employ most of the city’s workforce. So what exactly are these crucial industries? Here are the industries that are huge in Vancouver.


One of the biggest industries in Vancouver is the shipping and transport of goods, both domestically and internationally. Vancouver has a massive port, making it a hub for transporting goods. This port is the largest port in the country, making it a great location for Canadian companies to ship out their goods to international customers. Not only are many goods exported here, but many international goods come through the port as well. Goods from countries like China, India, and Japan flood the port, providing Canada with products that are essential to the economy. As a result of all of this shipping, the industry employs millions of people within the city and provides the entire country with valuable products that enhance the quality of life.


Another big industry in Vancouver is the tech industry. The tech industry has grown in recent years for a wide variety of reasons. First, technology is becoming more prevalent in everyday life, and tech companies are making more and more money. In addition, many of the parts and resources a tech company needs are brought in through Vancouver’s port, greatly cutting transportation costs. Finally, Vancouver is home to many high ranking colleges, and as a result, has many talented professionals. These young students are given internships while they’re in school and accept local jobs when they graduate. This ensures that Vancouver’s tech companies have some of the brightest young minds in the entire country.

Real Estate

Real estate in Vancouver is extremely important. The industry is one of the cities largest and most profitable. Vancouver has some of the highest housing prices in the country, making real estate in the city extremely valuable. Buildings in downtown Vancouver can be bought and used either residential or commercial purposes depending on the area. Businesses usually thrive due to the large number of visitors the city receives and due to the fact that international resources needed to sustain business freely flow through Vancouver’s ports. Residential areas are also very successful, as the city has a relatively large population to support, meaning the demand for living areas is relatively high.


Like any big city, tourism is a big part of Vancouver’s economy. Vancouver is one of the largest and most well-known cities in Canada, and as a result, millions of people come to the city each year. These people visit Vancouver both from Canada and internationally. Tourists spend their money at local shops and businesses, boosting the local economy. In addition, hotels and other attractions pop up in order to house and entertain these tourists, creating thousands of jobs and millions in tax revenue. This makes tourism a huge industry for the city.