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E137 PART II GUEST Chris Crutchfield from Six Foot Seven podcast humorously shares insights on Covid (the alien), JAB and Facebook outage


Speaker 2 (00:42:59): 

But sure. Well, I'm not making out with them, but ahandful of people, you know, were really down in the dump. So I sat at theirhome, um, you know, shared a couch space with them and conversed with them while they had COVID because I was like, well, let's just see. Right. Like, let's just see if I get it again. Um, and it's, and it's not like I'm doing it for me. I'm doing it because I want to take care of my family, friends and neighbors, but I haven't gotten it again. And I keep right. I, I go down and I do the rapid swab, like just to see Nope, nothing, nothing at all. So there is natural immunity. Right. You know, that is a thing, even though they don't want you to think that's a thing. It is a thing  

Speaker 3 (00:43:39)

Oh, it's very much a thing. And you're, you're absolutelyright. They want, they, they are working, they're bending over backwards andthen back forwards. And then back backwards again, three times over just to, to limit the conversation of natural immunity. Because when you combine that conversation with the ivermectin in hydroxychloroquine conversation, then all of a sudden you're in a, the, the narrative is shot. Yeah, exactly. And if like the, the Stu the studies that I've been reading about natural immunity and this crazy, because these studies are there's one from the NIH, there's from the Lance, there's one from nature magazine. There's one from, I think either the British medical journal or the new England journal of medicine that are all saying, and this was about in January of this year, they're all saying, Hey, look, natural immunity appears to confer a better and more robust, um, protection than vaccinated. 

Speaker 3 (00:44:37): 

I immunity because you're dealing with the full epitopeset. You're dealing with all of the virus, the whole virus or, or whatever itis. Right. And you're dealing with your body is being exposed to that in a natural way. Not albeit possibly is a very unnatural thing, but nevertheless, you're ex you're experiencing a full range of reactions internally, uh, immune reactions to that, and not a, uh, limited response based on the computer code of the genomic sequence of just the alpha variant. Right. And, you know, Dr. Peter McCullough, who has been quite outspoken on this is pretty much this whole pandemic. He, his numbers were like the test that he had seen you confer about 550 or 500 or so epitopes. You, are you from me? What epitopes immune epitopes are. Yes. 

Speaker 2 (00:45:35): 

But share for the listeners. And Dr. Mercola is amazing bythe way. That's 

Speaker 3 (00:45:39): 

Like one of my daily, well, Dr. Mercola. He's awesome. ButI meant Dr. Peter muco. Oh, so Dr. Dr. Mercola is also awesome too. Yeah. Ilike his work but this is Dr. MACU and I think that Mercola and M E R C O L a is that's Dr. Mercola, Dr. M C C U L L O U G H is the other is the doctor. I got it. Okay. He's the doctor outta Texas, I think at Baylor university. And he has been part of a, uh, kind of a frontline crew, if you will, since this beginning. And he's the one that said you get about 500 epitopes from natural exposure to the virus, an epitope, think of it like a, a Polaroid. So when you're actually sick with something, the antibodies are not really, what's actively going to battle if, if you're experiencing this illness for the first time. 

Speaker 3 (00:46:35): 

So I know we all hear a lot about antibodies, antibodieson the TV, but antibodies while they're very important. They're more like thereinforcement agents that come in right. For after the, the T-cells and the lymphocy yeah. Have done the real work. Yeah. So once the war is done, the T-cells are like the frontline warriors and the lymphocytes, these natural killer cells. These are the, these cells within your immune system that actually actively kill the replication process and suppress the viral, uh, virus itself. Then your antibodies come and they say, or your body generates antibodies are more or less memory memories exactly. Of the dead virus. And so the epitopes are the photographs or the snapshots of different angles of this virus. So that if a new mutation, a Delta variant, a Lambda variant, a move variant comes along as you're sitting on the couch of a community member who you're helping out, or you're encountering a family several months later, your body is like, ah, right at the front door, we already know who you are. You're not welcome here. 

Speaker 2 (00:47:44): 

You can't come 

Speaker 3 (00:47:45): 

In my house. Right. So imagine if every virus is about,and according to Dr. Yin, about 99.7, sorry, every variant is about 99.7%identical to the previous iteration of the virus, right? So these E having a, a robust and a, and a high number of epitopes, it gives you a high it's like having a four resolution image of what this virus looks like 30, 40 by 21, 6, like tons of pixels to know, okay, this is what this virus really looks like in high resolution. The vaccinated on the vaccine only generates about 50 epitopes, just to the spike. We hear a lot about the spike protein, right? But the spike protein is not the entire virus. It's just the outer component of the outer components of the virus. So having a limited amount of epitopes leaves you more susceptible for future variations, should some of those variations mutate from other parts of the virus, not the spike, not the virus virus. And 

Speaker 2 (00:48:48): 

I love how they say, you know, trust the science, but notthe science that we've had for thousands of years on how the Yale basic immunesystem functions 

Speaker 3 (00:48:56): 

With exactly. Not that science, not that the one that hasa TM next to it. That's it's yeah. That's. So if you're 50 epitopes from havingbeen vaccinated versus 500 epitopes from having beat the full blown virus, then what that's saying, what a lot of these studies, some of which were peer-reviewed are suggesting is that, listen, while we're not trying to sit there and tell everybody to go out and just make out with a grocery restore card and hope that you get COVID tomorrow , if you happen to be one of the ones who do, you're actually in a better pres better position to beat this and future versions of this, since you come in contact with that and that, 

Speaker 2 (00:49:47): 

Well, that's how her immunity happens. 

Speaker 3 (00:49:48): 

Of course, that's exactly how her immunity happens. Theydon't want that conversation because when you pair that conversation with thepeer reviewed evidence to back it up straight from the NIH website, and you pair that with the hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin, especially all these, you know, randomized control trial. Yeah. This, this $20 for a whole, like I saw something just early today, a five day treatment protocol with, I me this 24 bucks, a five day treatment protocol with RI DVIR is like 2,400 bucks, like 2,400. Yeah. 

Speaker 2 (00:50:23)

Yeah. So, well, and you know, hydroxychloroquine, I'vetaken every time I've gone to the jungles mm-hmm, , that'sbeen on the, like, here's your little travel kit, you know, list of stuff that you pop. And there's no side effect. I mean, it's, it's been used for hundreds of years. Well, maybe not hundreds. I'm gonna say what 1960 something, or 

Speaker 3 (00:50:43): 

I've heard 60 to 70 years. It's been, yeah, fine as wellin, in COVID clown world, hundreds of years, there's hundreds of months, 

Speaker 2 (00:50:52): 

Which is like hundreds 

Speaker 3 (00:50:53): 

Of years, they wanna sit there and be like, we tested itfor eight weeks. And so it's safe and effective. And it's like, okay, well, ify'all are really truncating eight years of average vaccine development time in months, so we can do the same thing with Hydrox. And it's been around for a millennium at this rate. 

Speaker 2 (00:51:10): 

You know, what's interesting though, too, is one of thethings that we were talking about earlier, and I've started to like, come torealize trust the science means don't have faith in God. Exactly. You know, it's really become like on some level, that type of 

Speaker 3 (00:51:25): 

War, it's it, you know, I'm glad you brought that up. It'sthe perfect, I won't say segue, but it's the perfect new tab to a whole otherthought discussion. And that is my complete conviction at this point that they have treated science, they have developed science into a religion and they kind of just didn't tell anybody that. Right. I was like, listen, we're gonna make science into like the biggest religion, but we can tell anybody it's a religion. We're gonna treat it like a, I don't know, like a, a field of study, not that theology, isn't a field of study, but we're gonna treat it as it is other thing. But what, but it's become a model it as yes, as a cult. And it is now to the point where mean, you can take some of these people and put up, you know, a holy book in their face and be like, listen, I, I, I would like to challenge your denominational belief about this or that based on this text. 

Speaker 3 (00:52:19): 

And they're like, no, no, no, no, no. I'm sure what you'reinterpreting is wrong because my pastor priest or Pope says otherwise, and youcan do the same thing. Here's literally NIH putting out, publishing a study that defies the other thing that the dude from the NIH is saying, who just happens to have personal money involved in selling you this product. And people will be like, no, no, no, no, no, no. That's a conspiracy theory. It's like, yeah. Trust the science. Like, what are you talking about? Here? Goes the science right here, you know, on it. I can't what that means. 

Speaker 2 (00:52:51): 

And then you add the followers, right. With the purgatoryand the shame. And you have like this. Perfect. 

Speaker 3 (00:52:58): 

Yeah. That's a great point. Religion. Yeah. Like theyou've got, you've got an equivalent, you know, shaming, social shame, an equivalenceof purgatory. You have an equivalence of like people figure heads, right. These people, these epidemiologists. And I always like to ask this question, right? I'm not about knocking anybody's profession. Doesn't matter what you do, unless you're like, I don't know, like a, a assassin or something, just murder people for money. But how is it that you have a occupation called an epidemiologist, right? Uh, uh, by the virtue of just the etymology of the title alone, right? A doc, the study of epidemics that there's not that many epidemics that come around. And when they do, it's not really much that humans intervention does to mitigate those things. Right. You know, outside of like simple things, like washing your hands and standing apart, you see what I'm saying? 

Speaker 3 (00:53:55): 

It's like, it doesn't take our entire field of study because, right. It's like educate people on that. I'm thinkingepidemiologists, we've, we've heard from so many of them whole pandemic. And I hate even calling it a pandemic. Cause I don't even think that it technically should have been, but whatever this whole pandemic you've heard from. So, so many epidemiologists, very few psychologists, very few behavioral psychologists, very few economists, very few, you know, holistic practitioners are functional medicine or anything, any of the, these other more natural ways. But you have this one field of study that's like, but how, like this is never, we've never had a guy eat a bat in China before. So how could you even go to school to study what you do never have thought about this? It's like, it's always novel. Yeah. It's, it's just always a novel thing. 

Speaker 3 (00:54:45): 

We evil. There was no like prior Ebola, right? Or swinefood earth, flu anthrax. There was never an anthrax outbreak before there wasthe anthrax outbreak. Right. When Michael Jackson got the letter and he was like, ah, the heck got anthrax. Right. Nobody that never happened to baby Michael Jackson or anybody before that. Right. What do you go to school? The study really at the end of the day. And again, I'm not knocking the part of their field of study that I probably am unfamiliar with. I'm just looking at how that whole institution, or at least that whole field of medicine has completely failed us during this pandemic. And as far as I can tell all the previous ones, because it wasn't like, like, oh man, the swine flew of 2009 broke out. But thanks to the, you know, the ingenuity of Anthony FCI, we all beat it. 

Speaker 3 (00:55:36): 

And we had no idea how to do it before he stepped in totell us based on his epidemiology, like, what do they study?Like, okay, this is what happened in the last pandemic. This is 1918, right. Of now a hundred years ago. So the people who happen to survive and the people who happen to write all your medical textbooks are in a position to tell you everything that you need to know to not lend themselves into the perfect position to make more money off of you in the future. Or is it the exact opposite of, of that? It's just like, what do we really like? They have made this into a religion and they've created this hubris. It's like the, the, the letter jacket of hubris, just a giant H on the jacket. Like, no, I'm right. I'm, I'm just accurate because I trust the science. Well, what science? Exactly. Well, I don't rec I don't know. I don't don't quote me on  

Speaker 2 (00:56:34): 

The don't quote me on it. Exactly. 

Speaker 3 (00:56:36): 

I just trust the science. 

Speaker 2 (00:56:38): 

So it's this blind followership mm-hmm and of entitled people who virtue signal and then feel, you know, empowered tosnap back at you when you're not doing doing it. Right. 

Speaker 3 (00:56:53): 

Exactly. And the sad part is that I, that half, thosepeople are actually like really decent people outside of the context of acrisis. Right. It's like for, I don't go around and like, assuming the worst of everybody, and even a lot of these people who are SU super COVID like, COVID paranoid, if you, yeah, they're just afraid. Right? So nobody told them like, Hey, listen, you can get this pretty cheap stuff from this website. And that actually hundreds of people have been using since 1960. And this other thing that's on the world health organization's list of essential medications. Yep. And these two things combined with the positive mindsets and vitamin D and some couple other things that you can either get over the counter will actually mitigate everything that you could possibly be dealing with. Yep. Save for the outliers. Right. The immunocompromised or yeah. 

Speaker 3 (00:57:46): 

People who have some sort of odd reaction to it in anunforeseen way. And then the hospital exists for those people. If this was a,like a legitimately altruistic endeavor. Right? Yeah. And when you, when, when you introduce the fear component, this is when you start to see equal turn because you're right. Yeah. It has created this cult of virtue signaling, but it's almost like they're being lied to. And I almost like, I, I get frustrated because of how wrong half these people are. But on the other end, I try to just find the humanity sometimes when I'm talking or interacting with them and I'm like, okay, listen, I get it. You were lied to, and nobody's told you that you were lied to. And I know it doesn't feel nice to hear somebody like me tell you that you were lied to, but that doesn't change the fact 

Speaker 2 (00:58:34): 

That you were, if you were lied to well. And if it reallywas, you know, philanthropic, like you said, Walgreens would be giving outlittle pack of zinc and D and vitamin, not a jab. 

Speaker 3 (00:58:47): 

Of course, you know, and Anthony Fauci, wouldn't betelling his family members to take hydroxychloroquine while mocking it ontelevision. Right. Like, and this is what, cause that was in the email. It's like, does anybody wanna, am I the only one who read this one email where he's literally saying, take this drug? Like, are you, you mean, tell me that nobody wants to ask him why he said this privately, but didn't say this publicly. Oh, I 

Speaker 2 (00:59:13): 

Mean, there was the whole thing too, with the don't wearthe mask, nevermind wear the mask, you know? I mean, and they can say, well,the information is changing. No, it has not. No, it has not. It 

Speaker 3 (00:59:21): 

Has not. And if it had of changed, there's a very honestway that you approach that everything he did was dishonest. Right. He mocks theidea at first. Well, I don't think anybody should be wearing a mask. I mean, might give you a sense of protection, but it's not providing you the protection, but think that it's right. That's and then it's like, it's like, he, he smoked 15 cigarettes before he had that interview. and then he go like a couple months ago by, and the surgeon general too, right. Couple months go by and then say, oh, no, people should be wearing a hat. And then a few months later it's like, oh, you should be wearing two. If one works, then two should work. So I was like, oh, so, well, why did you say that people shouldn't be wearing a mask? Well, we only said that so that we would not create a surge on the supply so that we, so the first responders could have access to it. It's like, okay, so that was a lie. So you 

Speaker 2 (01:00:12): 

Lie. My, my favorite was I walked into a restaurant or itwasn't a restaurant. It was a little shop. And it had a sign that said, if youwere fully boxed, you do not need to wear your mask. And then literally a week later, it said, regardless of vaccination status, you 

Speaker 3 (01:00:29): 

Speaker 2 (01:00:32): 

Like, wow. gh>, it's just mind 

Speaker 3 (01:00:35): 

Blowing. And, and the, and the cherry on top is that themask does nothing. And that's the part, that's the, that's the kicker. It'slike, I would E like if, if we were talking like people following orders from a pretty altruistic municipal branch, that actually is looking out for the health and freedom of humanity, and they were like, listen, this is a moving target. We don't really know what we're dealing with. The mask actually help, but now you can take it off. Oh, wait, we find out more information. Now you have to put it back on and comma, semicolon, the mask actually helped. Then I can understand that. But we're talking about the fact that these pieces of paper have never helped this entire time. It's like how these videos that we need to see of people tape re inhaling vapor, like from vape and yeah. Just blowing it out every possible direction. 

Speaker 2 (01:01:26): 

Well, not to mention, we're forgetting about another keyORs, which is your freaking eyeballs, 

Speaker 3 (01:01:30): 

Your and your ears. You're your mucus membrane. Exactly.What about your arm, about your 

Speaker 2 (01:01:35): 

Skin? Like, I mean, it's 

Speaker 3 (01:01:37): 

Just make it's so it's so sad that it's so ridiculous thatit's been this long and we still have state. I mean, you're in California. I, Iwas in Los Angeles. I could, if I was still in Los Angeles, McKayla, you would probably be reading about me on the news. I would've just slapped somebody by now. I, 

Speaker 2 (01:01:56): 

I, we should, this is a good segue to the video. That'sfloating on Reddit of me getting called to Karen. Oh, 

Speaker 3 (01:02:04): 

Oh, I didn't know about 

Speaker 2 (01:02:05): 

This. Yeah, yeah, yeah, no, this is, this is fun. This iswhy I'm not on Instagram. So this is actually crazy. So kind of going back tolike the purgatory and the shame and, and all this and that, um, California's brutal. It's absolutely painful. Um, the first time I got called a murder was, um, last year making a joke about, um, I was getting up to go to the bathroom at a restaurant in the bay area. And my sister-in-law said, oh, you need your mask. I said, oh, it's okay. I'm just gonna use my underwear on the way back. , um, hilarious called a murderer for that incident. Um, and that's when I really started to realize like, oh, wow, people are, this is pretty intense. Um, and I haven't been quiet, I've stayed vocal, but, um, and however, uh, mom and I, and dad, and my son went up to, uh, Nevada to the Reno AR area. 

Speaker 2 (01:02:58): 

A couple weekends ago, we were going for the Reno airraces. And we checked the hotel prior to everything. And there was nothing thatsaid, you know, anything about you can't stay here or anything to that effect. And we checked the, um, the Nevada county mandate. There's, you know, new knew our rights as far as the exemptions were concerned and stuff like that. And I'm legally deaf in one ear. Um, it, you know, on record, since I was a child kind of a thing mm-hmm, mm-hmm , um, and hearing impaired is actually on the list. Um, I can hear, I can hear kind of like a dog so I can hear super high pitch and super low. It's very annoying, but nothing in between. Um, so if I wanna tune someone out, I just roll the other direction. , um, 

Speaker 3 (01:03:40): 

A feature, not a, not a illness, 

Speaker 2 (01:04:05): 

But the woman proceeded to say, I'm not checking you in.And that's when it really went south. My mom's like, there's no, there are nohotel rooms in the entire town because Toby Keith and the Reno air races, it's 10 o'clock at night. Um, we just driven two and a half hours to get there. My mom puts the mask on her face and the woman says, I'm not checking you in. And so then I step forward, I start filming, you know, and I'm like, Hey, um, you know, we know our rights as an American citizen. Um, she says, it's the law. I said, it's absolutely not the law. It might be a mandate, but it is not the law. Um, there are, are exemptions. I encourage you to get a manager involved, basically, I'm saying high, low level employee. I understand that you are just trying to do your job, get someone else mm-hmm so that I don't have to put you in situation because, 

Speaker 3 (01:05:05): 

Right. Yeah. Are you there the signal coming? 

Speaker 2 (01:05:09): 

And, um, okay. I, I said, you know, they're that now 

Speaker 3 (01:05:16): 

I can hear you. It kinda of like comes and then it startsgetting real digital, and then it comes by way. I can hear you now. Go ahead.So you say you're not driving back home, listen, low love employee. I don't want to have to embarrass you. So get, get a manager cause we're not driving back home. 

Speaker 2 (01:05:29): 

Exactly. And you know, I know she's just trying to keepher job and whatever mm-hmm . So I'm saying, get someoneelse who has a little more authority here. Um, you know, I, I make it very clear that there is an actual medical exemption that we do know our rights, blah, blah, blah. I said to the manager, there's really two options here. You can give us our room key. We will go to our room and stay in our room and then leave early tomorrow morning without bothering anybody. Or you can call your local police because we have rights. Mm-hmm um, she gets another manager. They are being like adamant that they are absolutely not gonna give us the room key. My mom's getting upset now because she's starting to realize, like, they're not gonna give us the room key. 

Speaker 3 (01:06:11): 

And like she had put the mask on though. 

Speaker 2 (01:06:14): 

She has the mask on her face. Yeah. 

Speaker 3 (01:06:16): 

So like, what was their point? This just sticking it tothem for not having to begin with. Yeah. 

Speaker 2 (01:06:22): 

Wow. Yeah. Well, no. Yeah, I guess so they just didn'tlike us or something. I don't know. I'm not sure. Um, but at that point it wasclear that we weren't getting the room keys. So they called the police. Um, the officers come out and I looked at the officers. I said, uh, you know, this is not a law, it's a mandate. We have a medical exemption. Um, my mom obliged and put the mask on as was asked. Um, I know you can't arrest us, so why are you here? And, um, they said, well, we're here to keep the peace, et cetera, et cetera. I said, well, we're, you know, there's a cup things that we wanna ensure before we leave the premises. One, we wanna make sure that we have not been charged and will not be charged. Um, late cancel fees are otherwise. And two, um, we want it to be on record that they, you know, denied us service based upon a preexisting medical condition. And they are discriminating against us. Mm-hmm and he says, well, that's on film. You've got that. And it's on the hotel camera. And I said, okay, well we will go ahead and keep the piece as well. And we will leave at the hotel's request with the fact that they are choosing to discriminate mm-hmm so we leave and I share it on Instagram. Oh my God. 

Speaker 2 (01:07:40): 

Holy crap. I broke the internet.  

Speaker 3 (01:07:44): 


Speaker 2 (01:07:46)

So I, so we drive back home two and a half hours. At thatpoint, we're wiped out. It's one o'clock in the morning we go to bed, we get upearly. The next morning we drive two and a half hours back to Reno for the air races that start at an 8:00 AM. And we're at the air races all day. I didn't check Instagram at all. Big mistake, huge. wow. I log in, oh my gosh. They had like whoever the FBI hires sitting in the basement, right? So this thing started to go viral and a couple bad things happened that would break the narrative one. Um, we were clearly discriminated against. My mom clearly has a mask on, in the video. Two, the police show up, they don't arrest us. The proof that this is not a law, it's a mandate. Exactly. You know, all these different things. 

Speaker 2 (01:08:33): 

Um, they basical started attacking me via my personalwebsite. Um, calling me a. They started reaching out to me via, um, I'm atherapist. So they started reaching out to me, uh, via various different websites that people can get in touch with me for therapeutic services and said, we're coming after you. We're gonna kill you. We're take you down. People like you don't deserve to live. I mean, it was insane. I have never seen. And evidently it got screen shared record and sent on, you know, shared on TikTok and shared on Reddit. And the whole thing was take her down. And I literally, so I'm not a, with all kind of a person, but after fighting this battle for logic reason and to help people who are completely stricken with fear for the past two years, mm-hmm I was like, no, I'm done. I'm done. I, you know, it's, they're gonna take it to this level. I'm having to call my local police office, sir, and say, Hey, I need a patrol car. you know, wow. I'm calling my cousin who does stuff with the dark web to, you know, asking him how to change my IP address and like that so that I could mm-hmm so I went dark, I went dark on everything. Like I just, I, I just completely, I just thought 

Speaker 3 (01:09:53): 

They should have ban you. I didn't know. Wow. No, like Ihad no idea. This is like, I'm just not hearing about this is crazy. Yeah, no,I, what day was this? 

Speaker 2 (01:10:04): 

So it was Reno air races day. So it's like, not lastSunday, but the Sunday before I posted it, the Saturday night, I think it wasone or two weekend. I mean, definitely not last and weekend or two ago. And, uh, when I came on into my phone, I mean, it was insane, like death threats and just awful. And evidently it's still on Reddit and there's still a look at these two Karens and you know, hindsight's, like I said, my mom wishes she'd remained a little bit more calm, but they called my cell phone. I had 87 phone calls. They left voicemails, um, mocking what I had said on the video. Oh, it was 

Speaker 3 (01:10:43): 

Nuts that that's awful, man. It's like, and you like,like, uh it's like, how on earth do you wish anybody to die? Like, to me,that's like pure evidence of the hypocrisy. It, that you're mad at her for not putting on something on her face that you're convinced will prevent people from dying from the things she doesn't technically have while simultaneously telling her that she should die for not putting it. You see what I mean? 

Speaker 2 (01:11:14): 

It's well not to mention. I mean, we, we we'd all just hadnegative tests to go to the event, et cetera. Mm-hmm I, soI, there was never any question of anything like that. There was never any other option other than no, we're not giving you a room key. 

Speaker 3 (01:11:29): 

Wow. That, that, that hotel won't be in BIS this for long.It'll be very, I think it'll be just very, carmic how the, the, the, the, um,not the fallout or the flashback. What's the word I'm looking for? The like recom pen, if you will, right. Plays out because for every place that is a, you know, I just saw this video of this guy. Who's a gym who owns a gym. I don't know where it is. Ian Smith. It's not Ann Smith. It's a different, um, gym on, but, but to the same tune as Ian Smith, where he's like, listen, if you're fired from cuz he's at a guy, came in his job, uh, in his gym and basically had to cancel his membership because he couldn't afford to pay it because he lost his job because he wouldn't take the vaccine. And he's like, listen, if you are in a position like that, you are welcome at my gym. 

Speaker 3 (01:12:24): 

I'll give you a free membership for as long as you need.Wow. Good time. And so for every person like this hotel in Reno is this guyover here. And I, I think that there's more people like this guy, it's just, people are afraid. You have your couple of, you know, I wanna make an example out of you type of institutions, but they, I don't, I, I just convinced that, that the minority and I, I truly do have faith in humanity that humanity's good. We're not, you know, humans are not belligerent and evil really. I mean, we we're all capable of that. Right. But we're capable of creativity and love and harmony and music and all kinds of other things too. Yeah. So it's a percentage game at the end of the day, like to what degree is that lady at that front desk really rotten compared to this guy acrossed him. 

Speaker 2 (01:13:16): 

And so that was the thing is mom got upset because theykept denying her. And so she's getting her emotions are elevated mm-hmm Hmm. you know what I mean? And that was the funny thing, is they, so on some of the things they did, they said, oh, we're reporting you to the state board and me, um, and you're gonna lose your license to do therapy and blah, blah, blah. And I'm like, I'm pretty sure you do realize that if anything, uh, this video demonstrates my ability to remain calm in the face of adversity, diversity and anxiety. right, 

Speaker 3 (01:13:47): 

Right. It's like this video is more, 

Speaker 2 (01:13:50): 

That makes me a good therapist. Right, 

Speaker 3 (01:13:53): 

Exactly. Right. That's like all the check you need for agood therapist. Cause the other person on the sofa is the one that's unhinged. 

Speaker 2 (01:14:02): 

Right. Exactly. Um, but so, but what was really profoundto me, I think more than anything through all of it was the, there the processin which the attacking happened. Mm. It had to be some bots. I mean, there had to be, what I think happened is the video started gaining traction and they can't have a video of people standing their ground and not being arrested. Mm . And so they went full force on it. And I, I, I'm not saying I white flagged because I still stand by the fact that we were legally not in the wrong, but I didn't have the energy. I'm exhausted. I'm exhausted, you know? 

Speaker 3 (01:14:46): 

Yeah. And you know, more than anything, it's like, listen,I'm trying to help y'all if you, I don't want to be held. I'm like, what theheck am I here for? Right. If yeah. Like the teacher that goes to school when none of the kids actually want to listen, it's like, what the heck am I here for? Right. Yeah. So I, you know that story, I'm sorry that happened to you. But to be honest, it's probably gonna give you some battle scars that will translate into badges later, or like pieces of flare on your lapel or whatever. because I really think that people are going to start to see like, like I just, I've seen so many people like honestly, full transparency, admit, listen, I was one of those mocks at first and then this happened or then that happened, or then I got sick or if a loved one did, and I saw hot, they were treated in the hospital or this or that. 

Speaker 3 (01:15:39): 

And it really opened my eyes to some things. Yeah. And Ido think it might take the situation, getting a bit pricker before some ofthose people wake up to that. Yeah. But you know, I, you know, who knows if you obviously that a lady in that hotel lobby again, but I guarantee you there's a day in the future where that lady's gonna be like, man, I was a and I should not like this lady was in the right the whole time. And like, I, I, I, I'm hoping I'm not necessarily convinced about this, but I'm really hoping that there is a unraveling of this mask narrative, because to me, the masking is, is kind of the foundation, the, the masking and the PCR test are the foundations of the illusion. Exactly. Cause the masking reinforces the idea they were in problem when we're not. 

Speaker 3 (01:16:31): 

And at the same time, it creates a problem that didn'thave to be bacterial. Pneumonia is a thing y'all like, it's a real thing. Andit definitely feels COVID oish when you have it. And if you combine that with a PCR test, that just happens to be processed at some crazy high cycle threshold. Yeah. There's your COVID right there. But it's, it has nothing to do with any person caught it from or nothing. It's everything to do with compliance to liars, like being obedient to people who don't have your best interest at heart. Exactly. And the illusion that existed right in front of your face, obvious enough for even a, a pilot and a random video videographer and music producer to be able to see. Yeah. But somehow all these doctors and stuff couldn't see it. Right. And I think that there's hubris, baked into the idea that we've idolized positions like doctors now I, I'm not against doctors. 

Speaker 3 (01:17:27): 

And I think most people, people who sign up to be doctorswant to help people genuinely want to, they just aren't told, Hey, you're goingto school. You see that institution? Yeah. The one with the two snakes wrapped around the pole. Yeah. Those are some snakes there. I know. It seems strange that snakes exist in an institution with snakes wrapped around a pole, but let break it to you. They're not actually helping you. Right. Create a healthy life for your patients going forward. And then the doctors that do figure that out will all tell you, I L I threw away everything I learned in medical school.