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E56 What end times really looks like

History channel expert Dr Joy Pugh shares insights to end times

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Michaela (00:00):

I know this episode goes outside of the traditional talks that we have on BU find happy that are incredibly metaphysical, but I just couldn't help but acknowledge some of the things that I've been seeing and hearing from people in the way of end times and how people rely on their faith. I welcome dr Joy Pugh to this podcast today and I think you'll find everything she shares insightful even if it doesn't completely align with you. Have a listen.

Wonderful, wonderful, so happy to have you on and to get connected and all of that good stuff. Gosh, so many questions. Can you give the listeners a little bit of backstory about you and and how you got into this truly incredible field?

Dr Joy Pugh (02:06):

Well, you know, I started out really is a young child and I had a very strange dream when I was six years old, about the end of days. And it woke me up and of course it really kind of changed my life and set me on a path to really try to find out what it was that I thought that this dream really meant. And of course I was born and raised in church and had just never seen anything quite as, uh, uh, tragic and terrible, uh, ever even on TV because that can, the day when I was a little girl, there was just not anything like that other than Disney and flipper and things like good.

So, you know, there was an Armageddon and all that kind of thing that you see now on TV that children supposed to. So it was really quite unusual to know that this dream meant something. And in it, I actually had what I believe was Jesus that was there. Uh, and who really, I felt got me through that moment of seeing something very tragic. And so it made me want to become more of a Christian. It made me want to search why I had been given this dream. And so it, it was an undercurrent in everything that I did because I was born and raised as a Southern Baptist. And of course, Southern Baptist really did not allow women to step into the pulpit. But at that particular time growing up, I've really felt I call upon my life to really be a pastor. And, and that was just an unheard off situation.

Dr Joy Pugh (02:53):

So I went on to pursue my education and I, uh, I studied all the way my doctorate, uh, and have a doctorate in administration and supervision. And while I was doing all that, I had several professors that allowed me to do papers on the end of day and to try to figure out what it was that I really saw in that dream. Really actually that dream when I was six years old. And so I began building a library, um, of information to really answer my questions. Uh, and then when I would be in business meetings and things and people would bring up stuff that was happening in real time, I would say, well that has to do with this and that has to do with that. And they would say, well joy, I just did not understand that you had that kind of background. I said, Oh listen, this has been something that's been with me since I was six years old.

Dr Joy Pugh (03:40):

And then I've had an interest in for a very, very long time. And they would say, well, you just need to write a book. And I'd say, yes, I just need to write a book. And then finally what happened was that my mother got very sick with cancer and it forced me to have to take, come home and take care of her. And when I did, it gave me the chance to continue pursuing and reading and finalized and which I think God set me on the path to do when I was six years old. And so in 1999 I wrote my first book called antichrist, the cologne image of Jesus Christ. And then I followed up after that with Eden, the knowledge of good and evil six six, six which is a volume one and two a series. And then after that book I wrote the gown Eden to Armageddon series and that has a volume one, two and three.

Dr Joy Pugh (04:29):

There's three of volumes to that series. And then the most recent thing that I did was parables of joy on a Georgia farm. And this talks about me growing up and kind of gives the people who follow my research a way to get to know me so that you don't think I'm just writing books just to be writing something or bringing up a theory that hasn't been really researched you, you understand what it was like as a child. I talk about the dream in that particular book. And then I also talk about what it was like to grow up and the hardships and the pains and uh, the sufferings that we go through as children and how we, you know, don't really understand the path that we're being set for. But in my life, how that really path was set when I was six years old and just didn't even realize it.

Dr Joy Pugh (05:18):

So, uh, I've got like I say, seven, seven books and uh, and I do have some posts that are, are, are the books that are no longer available. And then I have one, a CD, an album of 12 of my original songs where I play all the instruments on the album that they called before times stops. So, uh, I, I'm a musician and author or researcher. And, um, like I said, my background was in the early part of my education was in actually being, becoming an attorney. And I decided I did not want to do that and I want to pursue that. And I decided that I wanted to really get into counseling. So I have a lot of, uh, psychology. Uh, and thanks of that in my background. And then of course I studied my doctor and ministration supervision because I had thought one time that maybe I would like to be a president of a college.

Dr Joy Pugh (06:10):

And so I was pursuing the academic side of that in, in hopes to maybe be able to run something of that nature. But most of the work that I did throughout my life was with a mentally and physically handicapped and served on some really big boards. I served with Eunice Kennedy Shriver on her board, which was for the younger age groups. And then I was, uh, on the Georgia special Olympic board of directors for two long terms in which, you know, I saw a lot of happiness for special Monday programs in Georgia. So, uh, I've had an opportunity to be on a really big world stage and, uh, I've done a lot of work in the past and a lot of radio shows, including, uh, being a guest on the history channel for the series of the, the, the seven signs, the really of the apocalypse, which had something to do with Nostradamus.

Dr Joy Pugh (07:02):

And I did a series with history channel for that. So I've had an opportunity to do a lot of things to talk about the work that I feel that God laid upon my heart as a six year old. And, um, and so my books kinda are very, very full of information. They're very researched. Um, they have bibliographies and, um, you know, I give you information in the text where you can find information that I talk about. So hopefully that it teaches you something and gives you a spark to desire to really want to go out and find these things out for yourself. I mean, I guess that's the teacher in me that I want you to learn something. So the books do not read like a, uh, like a college textbook. I've written a more like a, a novel, so that it's something you can't put down. And I'm very interested to be able to talk with you and you have your listeners understand about my research. So I thank you for letting me be on your show today. Yeah, yeah,

Michaela (08:02):

absolutely. You know, and, and it, and for, from my perspective and, and, and the podcast, it is, uh, there are a lot of components to the podcast where we've had a lot of episodes that have been very metaphysical based. Um, but I was born in, uh, into a Baptist family myself. Um, and you know, have I actually went to a Lutheran university? A lot of people don't know that about me, but, um, when I first went away to college, I went to a Lutheran university and I've had a lot of questions, um, over the course of years from my family in some of the ways that I look at religion and different things like that. And, um, when, when I first connected with you, it just seemed like such a great fit to have you on, to kind of talk, um, some of these, some of these concepts about religion, but also, you know, I have a lot of clients that have struggled with death or loss

Michaela (08:56):

in their life and they, um, you know, are just exploring what comes next in that way. And, um, you know, I think we all, we all have a moment, at least one in our lifetime where we wonder about that. So, uh, lots of questions for you about these sorts of concepts. How do you think access to information has changed the way that people look at religion? I mean, I'm even thinking back, you know, back in the days of Jesus Christ when he walked, um, back in the days of Buddha back in these, these times, they didn't have the type of communication across, you know, the oceans that we have today. How has that impacted the way that people are looking at religion and exploring religion? Well, you know, like you say, back in the day when Jesus was here, you know, he was able only to walk and they did everything walking or riding donkeys and, and of course the Romans had their, their, their carriages and things that they use.

Dr Joy Pugh (09:52):

But the ability to move information from place to place was very limited. And I think that that is, uh, one of the reasons that after the gospel came, uh, to the, uh, the disciples of Jesus and they were able to go out into travel, into these other lands, uh, that's how the spread of the gospel took place. And then of course, when the Constantine brought into the desire to unite his, uh, Roman empire, his intention was to bring really the Christians and the pagans together under one umbrella. And so that's really how a lot of religion, as far as the gospels was able to be carried very far and very distant and be, become very widespread because of that unification that he allowed to happen. And of course we know from what he did, he developed the, the Catholic church and then the Catholicism kind of developed as I sat arm to some of some of that.

Dr Joy Pugh (10:55):

Um, the fact that that allowed, uh, the, the bringing together of more information and maybe cumulating it into an area where there was a lot of travel and a lot of, uh, of intelligence that was going on during those days. So it made it widespread. And then of course, when Martin Luther pulled out from the Catholic church and, and really wanting to go back to the original gospels, that typically is what we find, uh, that we study from because of the King James version. And in the Bible that came from, that was the original gospels. And so that ability to be able to have in hand printed copies of the word of God, which was not something that was available back in the day. It was more Oracle, more tall and more tall. And even in the Catholic church, it was something that was in Latin and the, the major priest or the Pope had the capability to, to deliver those messages.

Dr Joy Pugh (11:58):

So when Martin Luther pulled out from the Catholic church and brought that the gospels out to the world, and then of course we know the Protestants then and all the stuff that really came about by that. And then of course the formation of things like, you know, the Baptist church, Methodist church, those kinds of Presbyterians, Episcopalian, all those things started, uh, deriving themselves from that. And then it became a global thing that now with technology and with the ability to do publications of Bibles and in people to be able to buy them. And then with the internet and with the capability that we now have, even just with a cellular phone, that we can bring a Bible anywhere we are in the world. So the widespread edness are preaching the gospel, which according to scripture was going to happen at the end of the day. That it would become such a widespread thing that the whole world would be given the opportunity to understand the word of God.

Dr Joy Pugh (12:54):

And so now we see in these countries that, um, we're typically more pagan religions. They are finding Jesus. And there is a great movement in these foreign countries, uh, to really turn to Jesus. And some of them are suffering very terrible desks at the hands of people who don't want them to change over. To really understand the gospel of Christ. So is it's come full circle. Uh, and it's really expanded itself much. We, you know, much to the surprise of, I mean, when I was growing up, we didn't have an internet or we didn't have the world wide web. So everything was a little local library. And like I say, when I first started doing my research, it was to find books and then to go to a library and wait two or three, maybe weeks or even a month before I could get a library from the, I mean to get a book from the library of Congress out of Washington, D C. so our ability to have access to realtime information on a global scale has come about because of sheer technology.

Dr Joy Pugh (13:59):

So we have moved into a, uh, a greater field of having everyone on this planet be aware of the gospel of Jesus Christ. And it's quite amazing at the numbers of people that are being saved in these other countries. Based on that. Couple of years back, this was quite a few years back, um, mom and I went and saw the dead sea scrolls. Yes. But one of the things that was interesting to me was, you know, a lot of what a lot of what Buddha says and in his ideas and concepts of enlightenment are similar to what Jesus Christ was preaching. What are your thoughts on that? Well, I think that you have to go all the way back and look at, um, King David and you know, that's about 2000 years really before Jesus came on the scene. And we know that he was from the lineage of David, but his son Solomon, if you go back and you read, uh, songs and Proverbs, and we know that King Solomon was supposed to been the wisest man on the, on this planet and the richest at the time, and of course was giving, uh, the opportunity to build the first real temple for the housing of arc of the covenant.

Dr Joy Pugh (15:11):

The interesting thing when you study Solomon, you find that he had these numbers of wives that were from, uh, outside of the, let's say the religion that he was presently professing. And even the queen of Sheba when she came and visited, there's always been the fact that a lot of that information that went back to Ethiopia and other places, uh, into the orient into the Eastern religions and stuff like that, that some of that information may have been used to establish understanding but yet not really, uh, gives the credit to where it should have been given. And I think that's the interesting thing. Like you say that there are similarities, but yet it was by people who were professing it and then trying to use it to boost their particular situation. And when you look at Jesus and what he came to teach, and the fact that he alone is only one of those [inaudible], if you look at my hand, ed, if you look at Buddha, if you look at Krishna, if you look at those other people that sometimes we are told could be of a similar, uh, set up, none of those particular people other than Jesus was born really as a son of God.

Dr Joy Pugh (16:33):

And none of those people who actually died ever Rose again. So they are in the grave. And that's the thing that I think makes Christianity just a little bit more important and that they may have been profits, but they were not the sons of God and they definitely were not resurrected. Our, you know, our alive again. And that's the interesting part of the research that I do, is that I've studied the shroud of Turin and I of course have, uh, studied the blood on this route. I studied the things that the, um, you know, the, the disciples went through and how they actually were a bunch of wimps before and during the crucifixion. But then after the resurrection, those men who literally hid themselves, when they saw that man resurrected, they turned around and every one of them went through martyrs being martyrs and dying tragic deaths.

Dr Joy Pugh (17:37):

Even John the Revelator who, who really lived, um, until he became an old man in past, as scripture said, he would do what Christ prophesied. He actually was in all war and lived to tell about it. And then of course, was put on aloe Patmos in and isolated for all those years. And, and when you think about it, if you and I had a friend and he went to the cross and he didn't resurrect and they were after us, you know, you were one of his friends and we would have been like Peter who will know because we would not want to, you know, die for, for believing in something that was not real. But when they saw him alive again and touched him and ate with him and saw him a raise up into the clouds and him saying, I'm going to be bad, you know, I'm going to, they prepare a place for you and not coming back for you. Uh, you know, preach my gospel. They then went out and were willing to die. I'm talking about tragic deaths. If that was not real, they would never have done that. They would never put themselves through that kind of sacrifice. And so that's where that's important to me to understand about what they did.

Michaela (18:54):

Some people argue, you know, that, and you know what we're talking about at the end of the day, that's faith here. But some people argue that, um, that the body was just relocated. Some people argue that they were hallucinating. What are your thoughts on that from just our modern understanding of life and death and, and the physical process that happens to the body? What is your explanation?

Dr Joy Pugh (19:19):

Well, I think that the shroud of Turin is really the answer to that. Um, the research that was done on that backend early sixties and seventies, by the research team called the stirrup committee, they literally pull, uh, you know, the blood off the crawl off that cloth and they cloned it and they determined that it was really a Jewish man and determined that this, based on the evidence there, that the man had suffered great crucifixion. And when they allow the cloth to even be looked at from the forensic standpoint of somebody that would look at it as if it was a crime scene, they determined that that man really had Cruz had been crucified identical to what had happened and what is told to us in scripture. Now to be able to pull that off as a nit evil fake or to fake something, you would've had to have done that to a real crucified person and the fact that the blood itself is really according to the research that I'm presently doing and continued to do that I talk about in my work, that blood is absolutely still alive and when it was processed like that, there was a strangeness in the fact that the chromosomes were there for the mother, the 23 that we know exist in the human body for the mother, but there was only one for the father, which makes it quite interesting to know that that blood is not normal blood as we have in our system and run through us because we know that Jesus was the son of God.

Dr Joy Pugh (20:56):

And then looking at the fact that the amount, the actually the strata terrain is the most research Relic and all of human history. There's been more research done on that piece of cloth than anything that's ever been dropped to the table for research. And the thing that's interesting is where they tried to discredit back in the 1988 time period where they wanted to try to make it that it was a cough that maybe Michael Michael Angelo may have painted, are either that it had been forged and was not a true cloth. When they went to check the, the linen itself, they cut pieces from that cloth that had been rewoven, that cloth went through a fire, uh, and was, and it had to be restaged on the edges of it by these nuns. And what happens is when they took the pieces off, they allow three different universities to look at that particular piece of cloth.

Dr Joy Pugh (21:51):

And they all came up with kind of skewed, um, dates and times. And so they had some people who also had pieces of the cloth. I did it through a materialistic review. People who were familiar with, um, material and what they found in the clause that they had taken and done this really, uh, uh, carbon dating was the, the linen was stitched in with, with cotton. Well, the original cloth, the center, that cloth would, where the, the, the process of Jesus' body is laid out in front and back is all linen. And that's one thing that you find in anything in regard to the Jewish, uh, religion. They didn't mix things. If they had something wool, it was all Wolf has something winning. It was all in a date and did not mix anything that was very taboo as far as the Hebrews and the Israelites were taught.

Dr Joy Pugh (22:49):

So the linen cloth that Jesus was wrapped in was all linen. So that is why that 1988 carbon dating became such a, it was skewed because it had the, the, the, the cotton in it, the cloth itself was not originally cut where the body in the process actually laid. So now they went back and they used an analyzer and all kinds of things that we typically would use on Mars to look at typography. And what happens is when you use that, analyze their own on the strategy rans it's three D and there is no picture that's uh, you know, that can be like a three D image or can be made to manifest on linen like that. And so they give, given really researchers around the world, you know, give us a cloth and you make a cloth like this and you can prove that this is not really real.

Dr Joy Pugh (23:46):

No one with all the technology that we have is even come close. And so even the pollen, even the, um, the pieces of what they think are, uh, are the crawls pieces, the little splinters that were on that and as well as where the feet imprint on that Claudius is actually from that, the tomb area. So even though a little area of the head where the blood was, where Christ had the crown of thorns placed on his head, they'd been able to pour pollen off that cloth. That is for a particular thorn plant that only grows in Jerusalem, no one else in the world. So there's a lot of scientific evidence that that cloth now is real. And, and even Pope Francis made the comment that that cloth was real when he took over his Pope. Well, you know, back then things were so barbaric as this.

Michaela (24:40):

I mean these days you just often with a high powered rifle from 500 yards away, he does drive was dramatic. Um, so, so how do you feel, you mentioned earlier scripture mentions, um, various different things, uh, about end times. How do you feel when people say that we're currently in end times? Well, I truly believe that. I mean, there's no way that we cannot look at the possibility because of what the book of revelation tells us. And if you look at that, it says the final general ration that will be upon this earth. We'll see these certain things come to pass and they will come to pass within that generation. Well, when Israel became a nation, that was one of the prime things that had to start happening. And then the fact that we have now a president who allowed, uh, the, you know, Jerusalem become the, where our embassy is located, our constitution or our people that represent our constitution, like our senators, representatives in Washington don't had already really said that really the embassy needed to be there, but no one had taken the initiative to, to make that happen.

Dr Joy Pugh (25:50):

I think they were a little bit afraid of that. And when Trump stepped in, he promised I'm going to move that embassy to Jerusalem. That was another step. And then the fact that he just announced last night on national TV that he has the peace plan ready. So these are things that we know the final generation would see. But more importantly, what we're seeing are these particular things we're seeing gross sexual perversion, much like Sodom and Gomorrah, that was talked about as part of in days the marriage breakdown, lovers of self foolishly desires, nations becoming hostile and fighting among themselves. Tensions arising and then the promise of this piece, print planned coming to be told about. And of course in Matthew 24, Jesus said that the gospel would be preached to the entire world. And what we just talked about is that it's being preached to the entire world through the radio, TV,

Michaela (26:46):

the internet, just like what we're doing today. Let me ask you some questions about this. The Mark of the beast, the six, six, six, six, six. Where are we seeing that? And the other question, mom brings this up often that the, uh, the churches of the world will be called to w w w their, their flaws will be announced when they say that they don't mean, or the religions of the world, they don't mean Presbyterian Catholic, Baptist, they don't mean all within Christianity. They mean Buddhism, Hinduism, it cetera, right? That, that's what they mean. And, and, and the, uh, in the scripture

Speaker 4 (27:45):


Dr Joy Pugh (27:47):

yes. And when you're talking about 66, 66 is specifically a man, it says it's the number of a man, and that is a beast. And that beast is going to walk among us. In John the Revelator calls it an image of the beast and it, and it is a very strange word, it's actually a Greek word use for our iconic image of obese means that he will be a man and an iconic image of someone that has been before. And we know that Christ said, you know, in in the scriptures when he was here, you're going to have people say, there he is. There he is. So it's going to be a man walking professing to be Christ and we'll be in a Messiah type of statue and have the ability to really prove to the world in some form or fashion that he is indeed the Christ this return.

Dr Joy Pugh (28:39):

So a lot of the things will happen is that the Catholic church will be involved in that. And we see the Catholic church bringing a lot of the other religions under one umbrella and saying to these other religions is not so much that you have to change to what we say is the fact that we read that all religions worship the same God by a different name. But what's going to happen is that the exposing of religion is that once you have to agree that Jesus Christ is proven to have live dot and resurrected, then your other religions have to take another step. And of course there are, you know, there's proof that they already acknowledged stuff and even the, the Quran has an, you know, in passages and it's, and it's in its work that Holy book of the Muslims that references Jesus and his miraculous Virgin birth to marry.

Dr Joy Pugh (29:36):

So it's not like they're not from Millia or I don't know. Many of them have called him a prophet, a wise man. But what we have to start looking at is if we can see that he resurrected and that he's alive, then if he's going to walk back into this world, then all the religions would have to come to terms that, that he was the son of God. And that is a real eye opener because even in in revelation where it talks about the, the seven churches that it, that John the Revelator was talking about, he was saying these churches would go through different levels of coming to understand about Jesus and that it, the final days, the church of Philadelphia was a church, much like you and I grew up in as far as Southern Baptist or Baptist and which preaching was very straight forward and you do this, do this, do this, do this.

Dr Joy Pugh (30:38):

Then it says we're going to move in a generation that will see all these things come to pass into a church called the Laodicea church. And the had to see in church back in the day was a very mixed church. It was a politically organized church. It was a church that was Luke warm. It was a church that was more social than real belief. And so if we look at churches today, unfortunately within Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterian, that kind of thing, we are seeing that churches become a social thing, a social gathering. Um, many people have to entice people to come and listen, have food, have shows, add popular music, you know, have dancers. We're seeing that change from the focus of one man standing and preaching the word of God and the focus on the word and to being entertained. And a lot of the churches have removed their choir loft.

Dr Joy Pugh (31:41):

They have removed, um, even the area to come at the alter and pray and it made it more like a stage where it's more like a presentation. And that is where you start talking about actually Luke warming down traditional preaching. And even the Bibles that we have now, most people don't realize when somebody initiates another Bible outside of the King James version, they have to change something in that Bible to get copyright capability. If they don't, then they are under copyright law and they can be sued for using the same thing that the King James version says. So there's a rain version. Leave out a lot of stuff though that didn't fit the popular culture at the time. We're in there many books that didn't make the cut. Well the secretary and some of the things that were before, actually they King James that was taken out some of the books like ah, she believes NACA.

Dr Joy Pugh (32:42):

You know, there's, there's these extra, uh, um, books that were kind of apart of that in its very beginning. Even the book of Enoch at one time, way back, I have a friend that has a Bible that still has all that old original stuff in. It's worth a fortune in it. It's huge. I mean, it's, it's like, it's, it's bigger than the encyclopedia. Uh, uh, dictionaries. It is literally huge. And, uh, and have had that in my hands and been able to look at it and be able to see that the, the translations when they went from using Greek and Hebrew and to being able to ride it into, um, you know, English, there are not words sometimes in English that will translate from Greek and Hebrew. So that's one reason. When I did my research, I went back and pulled the original words from the Greek and Hebrew and show you how those translations made their way into what we read in English so that it helps you understand scripture a little bit more intensely and that you get the true meaning of what that particular scripture was saying. I don't think it was an intentional thing done. It was just that our language didn't have certain words.

Michaela (34:00):

So the antichrist is going to walk the earth and then, and then the resurrection is going to happen. Correct. I mean, as far as, um, you know, everybody and I read that years ago there was a series about like the final days, like Armageddon kind of a thing and, and how people just started disappearing. They just started disappearing. Um, [inaudible] do you believe that that's what's going to happen and then do you believe that earth becomes hell or is hell something else?

Dr Joy Pugh (34:31):

Um, well the, the timeline of what's going to happen, we are told that there is this tribulation period that's going to happen in the book of revelation tells us that up until a particular time that really your Christians are going through this time period. And what we're seeing right now changes in the sun, moon and stars. You know, the plagues, the fact that we've got the coronavirus, it's getting out of hand. The fact that we've got, uh, unrest and all these things that we were talking about that we see becoming a part of end of days, uh, with the pestilent sends them and the plagues in the, in the world tension and everything that's kinda happening with us. When you see those things are happening, it says you to really pay attention. And there's a parable in scripture that talks about the 10 virgins and T and five of them kept the oil in their lamps and five, let it go without any oil.

Dr Joy Pugh (35:24):

And then what happens according to the Jewish tradition, is that there was a time called the thief in the night in which, uh, the people were on the wall watching for the new moon and they never need, when that first little sliver was gonna start coming back up. And so they would sit there with their trumpets waiting. And when they saw it, they would blood the trumpet and then everybody had to run to the temple. Whether it was in the middle of the night, not two o'clock in the morning, uh, you had to be able to go, well, what this parable is talking about is those people that had their oil, the women that had their oil and those lamps is five, made it to that temple and got in. And then the other five didn't have the oil. So they couldn't see how to run anywhere in the dark back in those days.

Dr Joy Pugh (36:07):

I mean, they were just lost. And so they didn't make it into the temple. You had a certain amount of time from the point that that, that trunk that bloom to get into that temple and the doors were closed and you couldn't get in it. So that is talking about a catching away. And many times we've heard this talked about in, in, in, in uh, and hearing people preach about something called the rapture and now the word racks or does not appear in scripture, but the word catching away does, and this is where retro comes from. The kitchen away is like a thief in the night. And other words, one person will be standing there and another person will be next to them and then one will be gone. And just in the twinkling the drop of an eye, it tells us that dad is much like the moment that the trumpet blows, that those that are with Christ that are in heaven now that are the sites will come back and immediately in, in just second of twinkling of an eye, they're going to bust the grave open and much like he did, the body are whatever ashes or wherever they are will be brought back into a true bodily form and that spirit will reconnect to his body.

Dr Joy Pugh (37:16):

When that happens, in that split second, everyone that's a Christian on earth that's alive will be caught up in the twinkling of law. And I'm talking about if you take about a twinkle in your eyes, it's faster than a blink and you will, your body will be changed in that split second into an immortal body, just like the ones that have come back and received that body back the same way right before us. Now that's the catching away. That is only something for Christians and everybody else will be left with. What happened to miss so-and-so and what happened to my father and where's my mother and where's my two children? I mean, people will be searching, trying to figure out what happened to those people. Well, the great delusion will happen then because there is silence and ha heaven at this particular time that this occurs and then what's going to happen is that really all hell would break loose as a recce of tribulation for probably a little over a year and half, which will lead up to the battle of Armageddon.

Dr Joy Pugh (38:21):

Wow. This is ensuing on earth. The people that had been caught up to the marriage suffer the lamb. You call that the bride of crisis removed during the catching away. You will be with Jesus at the, at the bride and the groom at the marriage supper of the lamb during that period of time, and then the 144,000 there are lifts that are are the truth tribes that were of the 12 tribes, there'll be 12,000 from each 12 tribe that has lived here. They will actually be able to understand what's happening because their Christ is going to seal them and their forehead and the other people will not be sealed in. Of course, I talk about the pineal gland and how that has a play in all this and and the delusion will be so great, they will not really understand what's happening, but during that time the antichrist will be in power.

Dr Joy Pugh (39:14):

He will lead the world's into a great battle called the battle of Armageddon that isn't the Valley of mitigator, which is right out there near Jerusalem and Israel, and it's a perfectly formed natural battle ground, if that every general that was of any magnitude Mussolini all the way down to patent and in some of the other people has said that's the most perfect laid out and naturally made battleground. This ever been fixed. And it's been here since the beginning of the earth. So you know that that'll it's going to happen. And when that battle starts to ensue and then the world is coming to this, you know, the stage of terrible destruction, then Jesus Christ in the second coming is called the second coming. He comes back riding a horse and when he splits the sky, every person on this planet will fall to their knees because you cannot stand in the presence of pureness, no matter how strong you think you are.

Dr Joy Pugh (40:14):

When you are in the presence of pureness, you will bow down and, and he will come at that particular time, destroy the situation that's going on and establish a thousand year reign during that time. All the um, you know, th the false prophet and, and, and Satan, there'll be bound into the Lake of fire. And then what happens is during that thousand year reign on earth, there'll be other people born that are human like you an hour right now. But the saints that are changed in us that are taught are called up, is the broader Christ. We are antibody that will not deteriorate. It will not die. It will not have blemishes. We are totally Sade. The other people are living through that thousand year period. At the end of that thousand year period, Satan is re unleashed again and instantly if you follow him or choose, if you're one of those people that are lived and you choose to follow him, it's instant death.

Dr Joy Pugh (41:16):

Then that brings about the great white throne of judgment. Now the people that go to the great white throne of judgment or those people that are been inhaled this whole time, that's never, you know, this died and gone to hell along with the ones that have gone to hell during that particular period of time. And then all the judgment will occur before God and you have to stand before him because you don't have Jesus that's covered your sins. That's the thing about us as Christians, when we go into the marriage supper, the lown and it, it uh, at uh, a period of time we are told the things that we may have not done right that would have brought blessings in whatever. But we are given our crowns for what we are doing and we will lay our crowns at his feet because at that point in time we understand the humbleness of what we have been given a chance into paradise because of this blood that we believed in and trusted in.

Dr Joy Pugh (42:10):

But for those people who stand before the great white throne of judgment, they have no Jesus Christ to stand before them. So they've got to stand up and justify to the creator. You know, their good works. So what they thought was right or why they did what they did. And you and I know that we born into a fallen world, your sinful nature, there is nothing that can save you. You can't say, well, my best friend talked me into drinking and my best friend told me I could do this or you have no defense except you before the creator. And that's when he sands. He separates really the, the goat from the sheep. And he sends those people who have tried to stand on their own, believing that they're doing just good works without having to trust in Jesus as their Lord and savior and be covered by his wood.

Dr Joy Pugh (42:54):

No different than when the Passover happened and they put the Passover blood on the doorpost and all the Egyptians, young children first, you know, the first more died and then the Israelites were able to not have that death angel touch them. The blood cover them. The blood of Jesus covers us as believers in Christ Jesus. If you don't have that, when you go before that throne, a judgment, you're going to have to stand on your own accord. You cannot stand in the presence of God and pureness of your own court. There's nothing on this planet that can do that. So after that period of time when, uh, when the earth and, and everything is separated out, then everything is made neat. And it says that th th th everything's gonna roll up like a scroll and everything will kind of be changed in some form or fashion.

Dr Joy Pugh (43:45):

Now, that does not mean that those people inhale are burned up and it's over because suffering is something that can continue because of the law of thermodynamics. In other words, what energy is created, it is never destroyed. The moment that the sperm touches an egg, there is an electrical thing that occurs that we now through technology can see and energy is formed. So in the womb, the moment the sperm touches the egg, you are born. So the question of abortion and when it's right there, the moment the sperm touches the egg, that energy is made. Now, if that doesn't live to the point of being birthed, it still an entity that has been created that one day we'll live in the presence of you. If you were the mother or the father, you will know that was a part of you. You will, you will meet it one day.

Dr Joy Pugh (44:47):

So is so is how proverbial. Then he always going to be just the same thing as as heaven forever. They all will be a hell forever except there won't be like an earth like we see an earth. The elements of earth are burned up. But when you understand that the encompassing area, even in the old Testament of what was established as Hale and then the bosom of Abraham, where there was a great Gulf that separated them, it'll be the same setup. But you will always be because you are created as an energy that will always exist. So let's just say if you are created like that, and we will always stay in our perfect bodies as we were created. I mean, you can walk through a wall, you can do whatever. I mean, you're in, you're in a body that can do anything. Uh, the same thing with hail. The body can be burnt, brought back, burnt, tortured, bought by any consistently you can. They go in through that forever.

Michaela (45:52):

I have a tough time with the idea of purgatory for a God who is so pure and compassionate. That's, that's a big struggle for me when people talk about hell, I have a tough time because I see humans going through a living help here. And I, you know, as a psychotherapist has seen the inks of the mind and the power of the mind that has caused people to quote sin or do things like this. I have such a hard time with this idea of purgatory because I believe that I believe that in energy 100%. I, I think that's been proven at this point. Yes. And that it's hard for me to acknowledge that there could be such grand punishment when I'm coming from a God who's so compassionate and, and knowing that energy is everlasting and that, and that, that's

Dr Joy Pugh (46:44):

the thing is that, uh, if he had created us as robots to have done exactly what he said, but he created us with free will and that's where Lucifer decided to do what he did. And of course we know he was immortal when he decided to, to rebill and, and to do his own thing. The fact is that we were created in a mortal state and that we were given the opportunity to, to make a choice. And unlike some of the choices we make, you know, cause we are in a fallen world, we are told we are in a fallen world. We are in a sinful body that we or you know, we came out of original sin that happened there in the garden, but the provision was made through Jesus, his blood that covers us, which I fully believe this is alive from the studies of the strata trend.

Dr Joy Pugh (47:28):

It literally has the way of covering us and because we are covered, if we, let's say once we become a Christian and we establish that in our lives, the enemy cannot take us away. We are going to sin because we have the sinful nature, but we can go to Christ, ask for forgiveness and be covered by that grace and mercy. Now, if we choose to say there is no God, I'm going to do my thing, I'm going to live like whatever. Then you have made the same decision that he allowed everybody else to make as well as they angels. And if you choose to live like that, then you because of that cannot be purified. The blood of Jesus will not cover you in pureness, in pure light, in pureness, evil and darkness cannot exist. So when he separates us out and he destroys all this other, he's gonna put the darkness back in a place where light is never going to be seeing all of it or vice versa because you cannot stand in a sinful body.

Dr Joy Pugh (48:42):

That's why that body's going to be changed when that's when that second coming and window, I mean, when that rapture or that catching away, of course, because you can't go into the presence of heaven in something that has no pureness in it. It has to be purified. And so unfortunately, as bad as, as I hate to say, God is a loving God, he gave us a provision. He cares, he loves us, but he gave us free will. If you want to love him, fine. If you don't, they need eternity with the people who don't love him. And, and unfortunately, I think that it breaks his heart. I mean he had to send his son to die tragically and be beaten so severely for taking on the sins of the world. And really allowing his spirit to, you know, endure the sins of everybody. I mean, he took on every sand that I had ever done.

Dr Joy Pugh (49:46):

And I know the other night I did a, a song at church called the day he wore my crown. The words to that song, that's you're the one two blind. You are, every one of us are the ones to blame for what he'd suffered and died for. But had he not done that, our chances of going to heaven if when Adam and Eve committed their sins, if he had not allowed that provision, we would all have gone to hell. We'd lived our lives just like you know, run and do whatever you want to and you'd have died and you'd have gone to Hill and that would've been your forever place. Have torn it. But at least we have a provision we can change it. Dr joy, thank you so much for coming on today. I really appreciate hearing you talk about this. I know we've just barely scraped the surface, but where can people find your books if they want to learn more about this?

Dr Joy Pugh (50:34):

How can people get in touch? You can go to my website, which is www, dr joy and it's D, R J O Y E S joy with an E. dot com. And then in my Facebook page is joy, joy E and then the last name is P U and it's spelled P as in Paul, O U. G H. and you can friend me there or message me there and I talk about my radio shows and things and where they're coming up and you know how you can listen in. But all my, um, webpage, there is a link to all of my books, uh, that you, if you're interested in any of them as well as the submission form for questions for me. And I do a, uh, a monthly ask me anything. Show on YouTube every Monday night, the last Monday night of every month for two hours from eight to 10.

Dr Joy Pugh (51:22):

And I answer people's direct questions about the research or about questions that they might have just like you've asked me today. And, uh, and hopefully that you're listening to that show and if you'd like to have a question answered on that show, you just send it that submission form to me and I'll make sure that that question gets into the queue for that, for those shows that will be good upcoming each month. And, um, and like I say, if you have any question about my research or anything like that, I mean, I get emails from all over the world, so don't, don't hesitate if you've got a question to be able to contact me. I will be glad to hear from anyone that you know, would like to know more about my research and your knowledge is truly so inspiring. I mean, you are a wealth of resources and, um, I'm thankful that you took the time to share with my listeners because I know this is definitely a big topic and I really appreciate you being here.

Dr Joy Pugh (52:11):

Listen, I thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of this. And I, I do think that the, the world that we're living in right now just, you know, with the coronavirus and, uh, upcoming peace plans and things like that that are living in a time that we need to be very aware of, the choices we're making and while we're making them and, and we're all intelligent enough to sit down and try to figure that out for ourselves because nobody realizes, I don't think how precious our soul is, but it is the most precious asset that you have. The only thing that you have that can live forever. I mean, we could, we could worry about children and finances and cars and whatever, but the most important asset that you have is your living soul that the creator put within you. And I will say this, it looks just like you from the work that I've done.

Dr Joy Pugh (52:56):

When you step outside of your body, you still look like you and you still have your mind. Um, so you are still, you, even though the carcass that you live in may die. And you watch it die and you leave it. It's, you are still alive and you still look like you. Thank you, dr joy. Thank you so much for being on today. Listen, thank you so much for having me. I appreciate it so much. Thank you, care. Bye bye. You too. Bye bye. This has been a BU. Find happy podcast. For more inspiration, check out the links.