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    Psychotherapist, award winning author, podcast host & impresario of life...

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    Counseling/Life Coaching

    licensed psychotherapy

    As Jung said, "The privilege of a life time is to become who we truly are."


    Michaela inspires happiness by encouraging people to speak their truth with grace, and live a courageous life of authenticity.

    CLICK HERE to learn to set up a life coaching session, or learn more about setting up a first appointment (available for Facetime/Skype sessions).

    For The Kids (non profit)

    non profit intiative

    In realizing there wasn't enough resources for kids on the Georgetown Divide to live their best life, Michaela and Sol Nisbet launched a nonprofit, For The Kids.

    Fundraisers (such as the Divide Chili Cook Off) raise money for their flagship program- the annual Water Safety and Awareness and other gaps within the community.


    For more information or to get involved visit the website.


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    on paper

    Bachelor's of Arts in Journalism Communications, and a Master's of Arts in Psychology. Award winning published author. California State Licensed Psychotherapist #90280


    In my most simplest I love all things metaphysical.

    the real me

    I'm a Fire Sign and a Water Lover (so, a walking oxymoron) who is authentic, honest & laughs a lot.


    I live in the Sierra Nevada's in Northern California with my husband and our son, Tucker. We live organic and simply but have a full house including fish, chickens, ducks, a Golden Retriever (Dennis), an Australian Shepherd (Walter) and a rescue cat named Stilly.


    Our homestead is self-sustaining, which keeps us busy. I rarely find myself bored, you'll find me hiking, doing yoga, gardening, golfing or reading.


    I have a passion for traveling around the world (20 countries & counting), and my life goal is to put my toes in every sea.

    other goofy things

    I'm an avid photographer and take an obnoxious amount of photos. My brain remembers moments in pictures, thus I am rarely without a camera. A tiny fraction of those photos can be seen on Instagram.


    We spend a lot of time at the ocean photo-ing and fishing, and keep a YouTube channel that is host to many of our adventures.


    My husband owns a small - but mighty - machine shop, and he's made machined parts that are currently on the space shuttle.