Took all those not-so-good "qualities"​ (like talking too much and daydreaming) and made a living out of it. Award winning author, public speaker & impresario of life.


    licensed therapist

    As Jung said, "The privilege of a life time is to become who we truly are."

    Are you living for yourself? If not, let's work together.



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    non-profit initiative

    Divide For The Kids was started by myself and a few other momma's to raise awareness for water safety for kids in our rural community.


    published author

    My books are available on Amazon. New fiction on par for late- 2019. Currently a freelance writer for the Georgetown Gazette & Mountain Democrat.


    on paper

    Bachelor's of Arts in Journalism Communications, and a Master's of Arts in Psychology. Award winning published author. California State Licensed Psychotherapist #90280


    Read the super cool Style Magazine article here!


    In my most simplest I love all things metaphysical.



    the real me

    I'm a Fire Sign and a Water Lover (so, a walking oxymoron) who is authentic, honest & laughs a lot.


    I live in the Sierra Nevada's in Northern California with my husband and our son, Tucker. We live organic and simply but have a full house including fish, chickens, ducks, a Golden Retriever (Dennis), and a rescue cat named Stilly.

    I live a Paleo lifestyle, and believe that what we eat is just as important as what we don't.


    I rarely find myself bored, you'll find me hiking, doing yoga, gardening, golfing or reading.


    I have a passion for traveling around the world (19 countries & counting), and my life goal is to put my toes in every sea.

    other goofy things

    I take a tremendous amount of photos. My brain remembers moments in pictures, I am rarely without a camera. A tiny fraction of those photos can be seen on Instagram.


    We spend half our time at the ocean fishing, and keep a YouTube channel that is host to many of our adventures.


    My husband and I own a small - but mighty - machine shop, and he's made machined parts that are currently on the space shuttle.