• How to be resilient & come out stronger

    Are you worried about your finances or your business?

    Are you wondering what the future will bring?

    Are you afraid of what things will look like for you when things get back to "normal?"

    There are a few ways you can respond during this crisis, you can freak out and freeze, or you can tap into your resilient nature and redefine yourself.

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    Love & Logic Parenting Classes

    Love & Logic Parenting is a proven method for raising happy kids, built around the science of love. In this 6- week class, parents learn skills for how to handle stressful parenting situations, poor grades and behavior, and tools for raising self-confident, motivated children.

    Be You Find Happy Workshops

    During these workshops you will learn tools to build self confidence, silence negative self talk allowing you to challenge your fears and find happiness.

    Together we'll find your direction to happiness, regardless of the life circumstances. Be it marriage troubles, past trauma, day to day exhaustion or financial woes. Happiness is a choice; we can help you choose you. To learn more about these exclusive events please join the newsletter.

  • Psychotherapy & Life Coaching

    California State Licensed Psychotherapist #90280

    what to expect

    I offer traditional psychotherapy and life coaching.


    My approach is collaborative, together we'll help you gain the internal clarity you need to live your best life. I believe a story heard is the path to healing, we'll work together to help you speak your truth with grace and live a courageous life of authenticity.


    Currently accepting couples and individual women. Everyone is welcome to attend workshops.

    My past experience includes a variety of different settings and modalities including Emergency Room (5150 determinations), Psychiatric Health Facility (3-day hold reviews), Pet Assisted Therapy and Equine Therapy, Art in Therapy.


    Bachelor of Arts in Journalism Communications, and a Master's of Arts in Psychology. California State Licensed Psychotherapist #90280.


    I offer remote or in-person sessions. The Healing Shala (Cool, CA) offers clients on the Divide a holistic approach to treatment (and also offers other modalities such as acupuncture, yoga, and massage).


    I also offer yoga, workshops, speaker events and retreats at various locations. Announcements for upcoming events are made exclusively via email, sign up for the eJournal to ensure you get the most up to date info. These events are for people who are looking to take their self-development to a new level.

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