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    Vegetable Souffle


    Vegetable Souffle' will be available for pre-sale December 1 via in-person book signings and later via Amazon and other retailers.

    Golly Wally

    Great for kiddos struggling with symptoms of ADHD.

    Wally is a puppy who just can't seem to focus or stay on task, until an old wise dog comes along and offers him some advice. Available in hard cover or ebook.

    Dennis and the New Baby

    Dennis was the only dog, but soon a baby joined the family. When the new baby came along Dennis realized tearing up shoes wouldn't land him more attention. It's not long before Dennis learns that having a new baby around can be very special.

    An Instagram Favorite

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    "The author starts out by examining what’s stress and the stimulus which causes it with examples of activities which have been known easily reduce it. She then moves on to what’s anxiety and ways of focusing in on what might be the physical and mental spaces causing it in the hopes of reducing it.
    This is where Ms. Johnson gives her readers areas which might just need some simplification in their physical environment. In this essentially out of the way, she then gives her readers techniques which should help them reduce the mental areas causing their anxiety.
    Looking at the Latin phrase, “Mens sana in corpore sano” which essentially means "a healthy mind in a healthy body," Ms. Johnson discusses ways for her readers to start improving their diets, sleep and exercise activities.

    So, in the end, do I look at this book as being a promotion activity for her business, or do I look at it as useful guide for her readers to become happier than they are. I choose the latter, for which I’ve given it 4 STARS." Robin Leigh Morgan, top Amazon reviewer



    Award Winning Memoir

    Third Place Books Review

    "Teetering on Disaster is a funny and poignant autobiographical novel, which tells how she fought for her American Dream through the Sierra Nevada's and beyond."

    Laura Delaney of Rediscovered Book Shop in Boise, ID says "Michaela Renee is friendly, personable and all around lovely."

    Pamela Mahoney Tsigdinos, Author of Silent Sorority included it in her Amazon Listmania as one of the "eclectic mix of memoirs that take a look into the unpredictable and absurd ways of life written by women with a sense of humor."

    4.5 Stars On Amazon

    San Francisco Book Review

    The Paper Blog says, "This story was insanely funny, heartwarming, and touching. Alex learns from her experience on the radio show that she has some big decisions to make. She learns a lot about her life and her past and that gives her the strength to decide on her future. I loved this book. It was well written, carefully plotted to keep you guessing what will happen next. I usually read several books at once, but once I started on this one I couldn't put it down.
    I recommend this book to those who enjoy chick lit, contemporary fiction, and romance.
    This one gets one the rare five star ratings. A+ "

    Audible Versions

    Both Teetering on Disaster and Me & Moe are available on Audible!

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